Monday, October 16, 2017

Girl with (one leg) fights 2 girls ? 2017 🤔🤔

Girl bathroom Fight (hood)

HOOD Fight #24 (Bathroom shool Fight)

Mexico girl fight

Russian Wife Beats Up Her Drunk Husband 2017

Asian women beat husband in public

Fight at the Dbacks Cubs game

Girl fights guy on and off bus

Popeye's employee HIGH AS HELL in the drive through!

PopEyes chicken fight

McDonald's Fight (Mama's daughter) 2017

Fight at Wendy's over fries (behind counter)

Girl fist fight (no hair pull)

Tonga girls fight(no hair pull ) get busy

Tonga girl beats dude

Tonga bathroom fight

Taxi fight asian

Hotel girl fight parking lot 2017

girl fight in Hotel elevator

China- one man fights 2 women

Waitress kicks man in head (kung fu)

Pool fight girl throw's drink in man's face

Homeless beach woman beats man

Lady beats man at Mall

Market street girl fight

Sea Lion fighting with pelicans for a fish

Market fight-deli section

Girl fight at market

Two girls 👧 fight in the class room 2017

daddy/daughter standoff

Girl's daddy get's knocked out at school

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Girl Beats Up Her Dad's Lover

Girl beats boy up ( Super hero ) nobody knows her?

Girl beats up boy ( like wonder woman) takes off running?

Girl beats down little kid #2 OMG

Girl beats down little boy

Woman beats man in the middle of street

Woman beats man for rent check

Woman Beats Up Man AFter He Refused To Pay for Her Services

Russia - girl beats old man with cork screw

Russia woman beat with tire iron !

Round 1# girl fight

big red -girl fight

Crazy school fight-Girl fight

They wild😳 girl fight

Karachi Street Criminals beaten up

Maid arrested ( Sick child abuse video ) 18+

BRAZIL Woman Beats Up 40 Year Old Man For Facebook Dirty Talk

China - Men beat woman with chair (hard to watch)

China-Woman beat in public for sleeping with married man

libyan girl dancer

Somali female beating by Libyan asking for Ransom

Girl fight (all watching) What? #Girlfights

Girl fight (nobody watching?) Lol

Dirty Women Football Fight

Two women fight on Chengdu subway

Catfight in Beijing Subway

Catfight Portuguese Festival

Waffle House employees get into fist fight 2017

McDonald Worker's Fight

Fight Between Latino Families

mexico vs croatia 2017 fan fight

Water buffalo goes crazy at Fiesta Event get's shot

India market fight with music

amigos market fight 2017

College students fight near market patiala 2017

Korean fight on subway

Only white girl's in hood fight?

White girl beats up racist white lady

White girl fight 2017 (Nice hood)

Australia Vs Chicken (girl fight) 2017

Girl pick yo weave up (fight)

Passengers On Airplane Fight (Men)

Two chinese women fight in airplane

Chinese women fight over seat

Flint fight Jojo vs diamond

Flint (hood girl fight)

Girl Fight on the north side in flint

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)

Flint girl fight

Grand Rapids girl fight

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Girls Nepali fight #2

Wild Hood fight in tampa

West Tampa Fight (Daijaa vs Ashley)

Girl village fight

Girl fight in Nairobi

South african women fighting over man

Girl hood fight ( with music)

Indori girl fighting

African Wife beating husband because of money

Brutal fight breaks out between group of German men in Spain

Nepali College girls fight ..

Another college girl fight

College girl's dorm fight

Girl fight school (bully)

Girl fight Brazil

Lil Pump - Boss (Official Music Video)

Homeless girl fight

Girl (Hood fight) nasty

Detroit girl Fights

Detroit Ghetto Gas Station Fight

Miami chicks from down south fight at gas station

girl fight in gas station

Girls fight at Car Dealer ?

Car Dealer fight ( You gonna buy this) Lol

MALAYSIA KFC Staff fight with the Customer


Taco bell fight- 2017 girl jumps counter

Arabic man called asshole at donut shop?

Donut shop attack #2 (demon possession)

Donut shop fight (demon possession)

Ghetto fight Bank action

Bank fight over babies Mama

Walmart employee's fight!

Women fight in bank

Uganda- Girl fight

Girl fight Kenya vs. Nigeria

Jamaican girl (Baddest stripper ) XX rated

Two Jamaican Girl's Fight Over Man 2017 (Dog also fight's)

Jamaican women fighting over a dead man (Graveyard fight)

Girl fight - (ali - frazier) Lol

South african man beat by 2 lovers

Nigerian women fight (baby on woman)

Cambodian motor scooter wreck ( 18+)

Cambodian market fight

Girl bullies little girl,..

Girl Fighting at school (Vietnam )

Vietnam girls (bully) and beat girl

Cambodian girls fighting

Girl Fighting in japan

A woman got beaten in Brazil (by 2 men ) 2017

MAKAYLA VS JUJU (Girl fight) shower cap,..Lol

Friday, October 13, 2017

India: Girl tracks down her molester and beats him in public

India-Boy and girl beat up (lovers)

India - woman beat with stick

Stray dogs protecting a homeless man!!!

India- Woman beat's homicide suspect

Girl beat for stealing 2500 dollars.

Girl beat down (ouch)

Rape suspect's beat by women in public (India 2016)

Pinay women fight

Filipina's fight on road

4 Japanese girl's fight

China -fight over garden ?

Chinese bathroom fight

Little Chinese girl fight

France-girl fight

White girls fight - must see

Rez girls fight over bag of chips!

Gallup -Girl fight

Navajo girls fight at school

4 Rez chicks fight at school

Rez chicks fight in snow!

Girl Fight Surrey BC Canada

Rez chick fight!

Rez girl fight MLB round 2

India- Big man throw's police by neck !

Iran - Fight between two men and one girl (who throw's rock's)

Palestinian girl fights back as Israeli soldiers harass her (2017)

India (2017) Fight over land

India girl fight (bi-polar)

Trendy girl fight (nice hood)

Rich girls fight (nice hood)

Park fight over man!

Pregnant Woman Beats Up Her Man's Side Chick!

Mom beats other mom up?

Fight at the Border of the U.S and Mexico in San Diego

Thursday, October 12, 2017

men vs girl fight (Hood)

women fights for their husband''husband snatchers''.

African girls fighting

Girl Fight in Dubai

Turkey - Girls fight in the Hood,..

Girls fight in the (Hood) Iran

girls fight in Iran

Saudi men Fight

Saudi women fight man 2017

Russia girl fight

Girls fight in russia

Most Vicious White Girl Fight Ever

Mean girl fight ( Hood )

Tijuana Girl/mom fight

Guy Kneeled And Slapped By A Girl In Hong Kong

2 Brazilian Women Engage In Street Fight

Girl fight ( knockout ) at school

girl fight in chile chilena

Girl fight Filipina style!

Volleyball fight girls

Hood Fight / Girls fighting in Washington D.C.

Miss Universe fight Colombia vs Philippines

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jamaica girl figt gone viral

Texas Girl Street Fight


Girl Fight -San diego mission beach

2 Girls fighting in LOS ANGELES ( Mexican vs Mexican)

Atlanta hood Fight!!

street fight| chicago coin laundry brawl

Girl fight in philly (round 1)

North philly fight ( Women in Hood store)

2017 Girls Fight (Ghetto)

Hood fight 2017 (parkhill projects)

(Large) Women Fight in the Mall Parking Lot

Ghetto fight in a philadelphia shoprite

Girl Fights Employees at Jack In The Box

Target Lady Meltdown

When stealing go wrong at Family Dollar